About RAM

What Goes Into Planning Our YouTube Videos?

Over the past six years, RAM has produced more than 110 YouTube videos.   Topics range from commonly asked technical questions to new product introductions. We have even shot some pretty cool ‘hype’ videos featuring some of our customers' race cars and showing off...

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Do You Want Quality or Do You Want Cheap?

There is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain.   Certain things we purchase might not matter if it is name brand or generic. If I have to do a quick job in the garage and need a tool that will only get used once, I might opt for the ‘discount house’ tool.   But if...

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How Was 2022 for You?

It is hard for me to believe that this installment of the RAM blog is our 40th since we began writing them in 2019!   I am glad many of these articles are often accessed and continue providing valuable insight and technical support. Reflecting on 2022, I am very...

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Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Life Long Clutch Guy

Beginnings in the Clutch Business  My earliest memory of a street customer using one of our clutches was around 1972. He was a local guy with a Gremlin X, and he lived near our house.  One night, shortly after installing a three-paddle metallic disc, he drove by our...

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New Year, New Start, Maybe?

Here we go kicking off a new year with much uncertainty still surrounding our daily lives. For many of us our respite is our passion for all things automobile and racing, and that is what kept us going through the last year. ‘Staying at home’ found tons of folks...

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What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been

2020 certainly won’t be a year that sticks in our memories for all the good things that have happened, but it should, because there are quite a few! Who would have thought 12 months ago that we would all be walking around wearing masks and worried about how many...

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