Think Bigger – The RAM Concept 10.5 Dual Disc

Introducing the Concept 10.5 Dual Disc

The RAM Concept 10.5 dual disc clutch system is the direct result of years’ worth of producing the Force 10.5 and Pro Street dual disc systems that feature an integral steel or aluminum flywheel. We took the best features of these clutches and incorporated them into a design that will adapt to most any existing flat flywheel. This creates an economical dual disc system that surpasses other clutch market designs with many improved features, such as:

  • Size – the larger the diameter the more the holding power the clutch system will have. The 10.5 pressure plate has 2400 pounds of clamp pressure, where 9.5 assemblies typically have 1800 pounds of clamping force. The larger clutch diameter will further enhance heat dissipation over the smaller units.  Stock pedal effort is maintained with the Concept 10.5 unit.
  • Precision machined billet stand segments provide a stable mounting platform. No flimsy stamped steel mounting provisions. Systems include all necessary mounting hardware to attach the clutch system to the flywheel, as well as an alignment tool for proper disc centering. Segment of RAM Concept 10.5
  • Precision mounting hardware properly centers the clutch stands on the flywheel for proper balance and vibration free driving.
  • Strap driven floater plate system assures quiet, no-rattle operation.
  • Each floater plate/stand segment assembly is preassembled in house, and the appropriate floater plate gap set so the clutch will disengage properly every time.
  • Utilization of a sprung hub top disc to ease stress on the driveline during initial engagement.  Dual solid hub designs are aggressive and more susceptible to gear noise in the transmission.
  • The Concept 10.5 fits most any flat flywheel bolt pattern, steel or aluminum, from early model diaphragm and lever style clutches to late model metric bolt pattern arrangements.
  • Available with 300 Series organic friction material for a super-smooth engagement on the street and holding power up to 750 HP. A 900 Series metallic version is available for extreme duty/competition and is capable of holding in excess of 1000 horsepower. Like any clutch system, the horsepower capacity is dependent on the load factors we outline below.

What load factors should you consider in choosing between the 300 series organic or 900 series metallic friction materials? Take into account all of the standard factors that will load the clutch system harder that you would for any clutch system selection:RAM Concept 10.5

  • Race or street use – in a nutshell – if you race it, use 900 series metallic for the best service life.
  • Low gear/rear end gearing – higher gearing (lower numerically) will load the system harder.
  • Tire selection – are the tires larger or sticky or more likely to spin?
  • Weight of the vehicle – the heavier the car, the more load the clutch will see. If it weighs over 4000 pounds, use 900 series.

As with any dual disc clutch, it’s critical to make sure the Concept 10.5 will properly fit within the constraints of your engine/transmission combination. We’ve made this easy for you by using a standard ‘installed height’ for each unit that, combined with your flywheel thickness, allows you to measure and verify proper fit in your application. Follow this link to determine proper fit.

Are you interested in how the Concept 10.5 installs on your flywheel? Check out the videos on this page for basic installation.

Want to review the instruction manual before you purchase? Follow this link to view the complete package.