Lo Pro 8 and 10 inch

If you are looking for the ultimate in a single disc racing system for your operation, look no further than the RAM Lo-Pro 8 and RAM Lo-Pro 10 inch models.  These clutch systems feature a 6 lever all billet design, with the pressure ring driving positively off the 6 titanium mounting stands.  The 6 levers are unique to the single disc unit and apply the pressure more evenly across the friction surface of the clutch disc, and offer more flexibility in counterweight adjustments to fine tune the clutch lockup.  No more removing levers from the clutch to reduce the counterweight effect!  Adjustable titanium stands make zeroing the clutch a snap. 

RAM Lo-Pro pressure rings and flywheels feature a replaceable .250” thick steel insert that can be serviced in the field if needed.  RAM has designed these LoPro units to fit in most any standard depth bellhousing (Access window highly recommended to help ease making clutch adjustments.)  Base pressures are available in 420, 690, 900, and 1200 pounds based on the weight of your car and the operating RPM.  Let us help you custom tailor one of these top notch systems for your race car and take your program to the next level.  Start by filling out the tech request form and you will be on the way to a custom RAM Lo-Pro system specified exactly for your car!