What a Long, Strange Year It’s Been

Dec 7, 2020 | About RAM

2020 certainly won’t be a year that sticks in our memories for all the good things that have happened, but it should, because there are quite a few!

Who would have thought 12 months ago that we would all be walking around wearing masks and worried about how many people we were inviting over for holiday dinners?  Yet here we are, learning to adapt and how to keep moving forward in what has become my least favorite words… such uncertain times.

For RAM, this has been a year of change and most of it has been for the good.  We have been able to stay the course and continue to move our company forward in the market, refining systems and working on new products through it all.  Our employees have been models of consistency and dedication, working in smaller crews though the early months and maintaining necessary safety protocols, all the time keeping good attitudes and helping us exceed our goals every single month since the start of the pandemic.

I have sorely missed traveling and visiting our customers as well as working with our sales team in the field.  For the first time ever we have seen our annual industry trade shows cancelled along with several consumer and customer shows already being cancelled for 2021.  Zoom meetings are now the new way to communicate with our large customers as many continue to work from home.

This month we are continuing to make lemonade as we transition towards 2021.  One way is the introduction of a 4 week video series titled ‘RAM Industry Week 2020’.  In this series we are highlighting some of the products and people that have made 2020 a success on the business front.  I encourage you to follow us through this series and, we hope, be entertained as well as informed.  These will be running concurrently on social media and we encourage you to share these videos through your own social media!

On behalf of our entire staff and my partner Pat, we sincerely wish each and every one of you a blessed Christmas season and a Happy New Year.  I look forward to getting back on the road and seeing many of you in 2021!