Musclecar Performance Clutch Kits

RAM Musclecar performance clutch kits are the perfect choice for your restoration hot rod, truck, or late model performance vehicle where a mild increase in holding capacity is desired, while maintaining superb driveability.  RAM Musclecar kits include an increased clamp load pressure plate and combines this with a high-quality organic clutch disc featuring 5 or 6 spring double sprung hub, and a marcel cushioned carrier.  These features insure a silky-smooth engagement on takeoff.  Use RAM Musclecar clutches for mildly modified street cars and trucks or restorations of older, high torque muscle cars where you want just a bit more holding capacity for occasional spirited driving.  RAM Musclecar performance clutch kits include the higher clamp pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing (where applicable), and alignment tool.


  • Increased clamp load pressure plate with comfortable pedal effort.
  • 5 or 6 spring double sprung clutch disc hub.
  • Premium organic friction material.
  • Silky smooth engagement on takeoff.