Dodge Challenger Clutches and Clutch Systems

RAM Clutch systems for Dodge Challenger, Challenger Hellcat, Challenger SRT

Clutch systems for Dodge Challenger, Challenger Hellcat, Challenger SRT

RAM Clutches offers more options for late model Hemi Challenger! Our systems center on driveability – making the clutch system as easy to drive as possible and still hold your power. From the top of the line Pro Street dual disc to the affordable Concept 10.5 that fits your factory flywheel, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality disc clutch kit engineered to fit your application.  Clutch ratings are for comparison purposes – don’t be fooled by outlandish claims from our competitors. We rate our clutches based on real world experience.  Triple disc race units available by special order, contact us for details.  Get the best clutch you can for your Dodge Challenger – RAM Clutches!

Featured Challenger Clutch

The RAM Concept 10.5 dual disc clutch for Challenger features integral mounting segments that makes the unit compatible with factory or RAM aftermarket flywheels.  The pressure plate is 10.5 inches in diameter and applies 2400 pounds of clampload to either available organic or metallic friction discs, allowing for more surface area, holding power, and heat dissipation.  A sprung hub top disc helps absorb initial shock on engagement and reduce gear rattle in the transmission under light loads.  The strap driven floater plate is quiet operating when disengaged.  Organic models for use up to 700 hp, metallic for up to 950 hp.  RAM produces custom triple disc models for higher power levels, contact the factory for more information.

List of Applications:

  • 2008-23 Challenger V8
  • 2015-23 Challenger Hellcat
  • 2008-14 Challenger SRT8
  • 2014-23 Challenger Scat Pack

50-2370 – Concept 10.5 dual disc 2008-up Dodge Challenger 1 1/8-26

Dual Disc Systems
Application Concept 10.5 Concept 10.5 900S Force 10.5 Force 10.5 900S Pro Street Pro Street 900S Aluminum Flywheel Hydraulic Bearing
  Application   Concept 10.5 300-650 hp   Concept 10.5 900S 300-800 hp   Force 10.5 300-700 hp   Force 10.5 900S 300-900hp   Pro Street 300-700 hp   Pro Street 900S 300-900 hp     Aluminum Flywheel   Hydraulic Bearing
  Application Dodge Challenger/Hellcat 2008-up 26 spl.   Concept 10.5 50-2370   Concept 10.5 900S 50-2370N   Force 10.5 80-2370   Force 10.5 900S 80-2370N   Pro Street 60-2370   Pro Street 900S 60-2370N     Aluminum Flywheel 2586    Hydraulic Bearing 78183 
Add ‘S’ to the end of any Force 10.5 or Pro Street dual part number for steel flywheel
Concept 10.5 fits factory flywheel, or use RAM 2586
We build custom triple disc models for high horsepower race applications!  Email for details.

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The videos above will tell you about RAM Clutches for Challenger, as well as take you through the production process on several of our models that are available including our new billet aluminum flywheel.  More RAM video is available on our YouTube page.