Do You Want Quality or Do You Want Cheap?

Apr 13, 2023 | Clutches, About RAM

There is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain.  

Certain things we purchase might not matter if it is name brand or generic. If I have to do a quick job in the garage and need a tool that will only get used once, I might opt for the ‘discount house’ tool.  

But if that tool stays in my toolbox forever, I will think twice about buying the higher quality one the first time. I’m sure this is why I still have Craftsman tools I got in high school!

Figure 1

When designing and building a new clutch system, we can use component parts that are cheaper, ‘knock off’ components. Or we can use the tried-and-true premium components that you find in RAM Clutches. 

Take clutch facings, for instance.  

On our Powergrip Clutch sets, we use premium Miba metallic facings paired with steel-backed organic facings. Of course, we could opt for the same knockoff metallic facings and non-steel organic facings that our competitors use.


But we know from trial and error that using the premium clutch facing will provide our customers with a better clutch life and driveability over time.

The same goes for the clutch carrier and center hub assembly.  

Figure 2

Look at most any competitor’s clutch hub assembly and you will find a six-spring, single spring hub assembly using regular springs. This probably works fine in your everyday grocery-getter.

But when you couple that weaker hub with an aggressive friction material, it can become a recipe for disaster as the hub is worked harder and harder over time and potentially breaks that center or the springs right out of the disc.  


So, we opt for an eight-spring hub in almost every case, and in the Powergrip disc, we add a series of urethane-coated springs to increase the absorption capability of the hub and provide a robust, stable platform for the disc.  

Figure 3

It is a bonus for us to have the capabilities in-house to machine our own parts.  

Over the years, component parts for many clutches have become extinct. To keep supplying units like our three-lever Borg and Beck clutches, we have to either make these parts ourselves or commission them to be made by one of our outside partners. 

By doing this ourselves, we can continue to offer hard-to-find clutch parts and top-notch quality ones. 

Figure 4

Does it cost us a little more to include the quality parts?  You bet.  Does it cost you more to purchase our products than other clutch manufacturers?  Probably not that much in most cases.



So, the question is, when you are building your dream car, do you really want quality, or do you really want cheap?





Fig. 1 – RAM Powergrip disc utilizing 8 spring hub and steel backed facings

Fig. 2 – Competitor’s 6 spring hub configuration

Fig. 3 – Steel backed versus non-steel backed organic facing