OEM Replacement Clutch Kits

RAM premium replacement clutch kits are just that – a quality replacement clutch kit for your stock, street driven vehicle.  RAM builds or sources only top-quality components for these kits to insure a trouble free installation.  It is also important to note that RAM uses the exact replacement pressure plate – if your vehicle originally came with a lever style clutch, that is what you will get from RAM, no diaphragm substitutions.  RAM premium replacement clutch kits include the pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing (where applicable), and alignment tool.  Keep in mind that RAM premium replacement clutch kits are designed for street driven, stock type vehicles and are not intended for competition use.


  • OEM quality components manufactured for proper fit in stock applications.
  • High quality organic friction discs.
  • Premium release bearings (where applicable).
  • Stock pedal feel and engagement for smooth, trouble free performance.