10 Inch Single Disc Billet 3 Lever Clutches

10 inch single disc billet

RAM Billet 10 inch single disc 3 lever clutch systems for drag racing

RAM offers a truly innovative single disc system with many enhanced features over conventional 11 inch steel cover systems.  These units were designed in partnership with Black Magic Clutches to provide stick shift racers with the most stable platform available, creating a long lasting and repeatable clutch system.  The innovations in height and diameter also allow fitment into many applications that were previously not possible.

  • Contoured for fit in tight bellhousing applications
  • Shorter overall height than steel cover units by ¼ inch
  • 2 pounds lighter than conventional steel cover units
  • Available for smaller ring gear configurations
  • Cover design incorporates spring cups and heavy duty design
  • Pressure ring driven off stands versus Long Style, which drives off plate lugs and cover
  • Segmented heat shields on both the pressure ring and flywheel allow both components to maintain flatter surfaces over time
  • Lever position designed for pressure application at the center of the pressure ring
  • Lever profile optimized for best performance
  • Available in multiple base static pressures of 360, 500, 800, 1200
  • Can be converted/upgraded to dual disc models

10 inch Single Disc Videos

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