When is Centrifugal Clutch Pressure Effective?

Centrifugal clutch pressure, or ‘counterweights,’ can be a tremendous aid to achieving the optimum clutch combination for high power drag racing applications. In racing situations, some ‘slip’ is required on the initial launch, and the clutch needs to be progressively...

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“Will You Sponsor My Race Car?”

Like any good racer, you probably do your best to secure whatever levels of sponsorship you can for your racing operation. Maybe you partner with local establishments to help give them exposure at races and events. You could develop contingency deal programs with your...

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Fine Tuning Your Drag Racing Clutch Combination

  Does this sound familiar? You just received your brand new drag race clutch system, and you can hardly wait to get it put in and fire up the engine! You have a baseline starting point for the clutch static pressure and counterweight settings. Everything should...

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What We Need to Know to Build your Race Clutch

When putting together your race car, the clutch is often one of the final pieces that brings everything together. For a clutch to perform well it has to have enough capacity to handle your combination - the engine, chassis, gearing, and tires. Too little capacity and...

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Why We Race

Why does RAM Clutches race?  We could just build our clutches for street or street/strip based on the OEM design, add more aggressive friction material, and call it a day.  This is called ‘bottom-up’ design. But we do things a little differently. RAM chooses to...

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