Powergrip Performance Clutch Kits

As horsepower levels increase along with more aggressive use of your vehicle, RAM Powergrip performance clutch kits are a great option for applications up to 550 horsepower.  Powergrip clutch kits utilize the same increased clamp load pressure plates as our other performance level kits.  These kits also include an 8 spring center hub clutch disc with alternating urethane coated springs that increase the rigidity and durability of the disc.  The Powergrip facings are a combination of steel backed organic facing on the flywheel side and RAM 900 series metallic friction on the pressure plate side.  This combination provides an excellent blend of street driveability and increased holding capacity for vehicles that see more aggressive use on the street along with an occasional trip to the racetrack.  Some chatter may occur if the clutch is engaged at lower engine RPM or in vehicles with shallow rear gearing.  Powergrip performance  clutch kits include the increased clamp load pressure plate, clutch disc, release bearing (where applicable), and alignment tool.  For vehicles that see more track time than street, consider a RAM Powergrip HD clutch kit, or one of the many RAM street dual disc clutch models.


  • Increased clamp load pressure plate with comfortable pedal effort.
  • 8 spring center hub clutch disc with alternating urethane coated springs.
  • Steel backed organic friction material on the flywheel side.
  • RAM 900 series metallic friction material on the pressure plate side.
  • Crisp, clean engagement with a balance of driveability and holding power.
  • For applications UP TO 550 horsepower.