What We Did While You Were at PRI and Other Year-End Tidbits

Dec 15, 2023 | About RAM

While we certainly miss seeing our friends at the PRI show each year, we have been very busy during this time!

Last week, we shot footage for seven new videos coming in 2024, and we still have three more to shoot in the coming weeks.  

These will cover common questions we often receive phone calls about and a few new products. 

We’ll also add to our extensive library, which will now have over 100 videos! And we had a fun shoot with some of today’s hottest muscle cars. These will be featured in other promotional videos throughout the 2024 year.

Product development is continuing on our street and drag racing clutch systems. We have refined and introduced several new models in 2023 and upgraded several of our ‘stand by’ models, such as the Red Hat RAM single iron, to improve strength, performance, and reliability.  

You will see some of these rolling out in the next few months, and we will continue to build upon these product platforms as the year rolls on.

Hydraulics continue to be a hot item, and after many requests, we are developing a hydraulic release bearing for the big input 1 3/8-10 Ford Toploader and other race applications that utilize a 1.75” diameter input collar. These should be available by the end of January.

We have refined our street dual disc offerings to include a Concept 9.5 dual disc system that fits in several applications where space constraints do not allow for the use of the larger Concept 10.5 models, such as LT1 and C4 conversions. These expanded models are now available for Mustang and GM LS applications.

In the coming weeks, we will officially announce our sponsorship of another event for the Southeast Gassers for 2024.  

This organization is now under new ownership and looks forward to expanding its reach to racers and fans in 2024. As we have for many years, we will continue to support grassroots stick shift racing organizations such as Pro Stick, Ozark Mountain Super Shifters, Rocky Mountain Super Shifters, and UMTR North and South.  

We will also be adding support for the Classic Gear Jammers and the Carolina Class Racers organizations.

If you still need to dig in on your race car maintenance for the new year, I encourage you to do it soon!  

This is the time to evaluate your existing clutch system and get it to us for any maintenance needed or to decide if you want to upgrade for the new year.  As the new year rolls around, we will begin to get very busy working on these rebuilds, so do not wait; get them in here now!

Finally, we want to thank you for your loyal business and support in 2023.  

It is an honor to serve you with our products and we look forward to continuing to help you increase your performance, individually or corporately! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!