Evolution of Dual Disc Clutch Kits for Street Use

For many years, racers have known that optimizing a high horsepower combination requires a capable clutch system and using multiple discs. That’s how such a powerful application can transition smoothly, thus providing for that optimized performance.   It wasn’t until...

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Do You Want Quality or Do You Want Cheap?

There is nothing wrong with looking for a bargain.   Certain things we purchase might not matter if it is name brand or generic. If I have to do a quick job in the garage and need a tool that will only get used once, I might opt for the ‘discount house’ tool.   But if...

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Don’t Neglect Year-End Clutch Maintenance

So, you have made it successfully through another season of racing.  Are you going to put the car in the corner of the shop and forget about it until spring?  We sure hope not! Now is the time to inspect your clutch to see if any refurbishing or replacement is...

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What Should You Look for When Choosing an Installer?

We receive numerous questions on our tech line or with the E-Tech form about installers and installation.      Here are three commons themes:  A customer asks for a recommendation on an installer for their clutch system.  We get a call because there’s a problem with a...

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When is Centrifugal Clutch Pressure Effective?

Centrifugal clutch pressure, or ‘counterweights,’ can be a tremendous aid to achieving the optimum clutch combination for high power drag racing applications. In racing situations, some ‘slip’ is required on the initial launch, and the clutch needs to be progressively...

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How to Avoid Clutch Chatter

Clutch chatter is one of those subjective topics – what is 'too much' chatter to some folks may be 'just a little' chatter to others.  It really boils down to your driving experience.  Chatter usually happens as the clutch is engaging. It occurs when the pressure...

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