Don’t Neglect Year-End Clutch Maintenance

Nov 1, 2022 | Clutches

So, you have made it successfully through another season of racing.  Are you going to put the car in the corner of the shop and forget about it until spring?  We sure hope not!

Now is the time to inspect your clutch to see if any refurbishing or replacement is necessary for the 2023 season.  

We get VERY busy with rebuilds in the off-season and if you plan to start working on the car in late February for an early March race, you may find yourself on the sidelines waiting for your rebuild or even purchasing a new unit.

What to Look for on Your Clutch 

Start by inspecting the pressure plate surface.  Does it show any shiny or blue hot spots?  Is it warped when you lay a straight edge across the surface?  

If these conditions exist, the pressure ring should be resurfaced (steel segmented models), or the ring may need to be replaced (steel ring models).  

Likewise, inspect the flywheel for signs of slippage or grooving.  This surface should also be freshened so the clutch disc will properly sit when you take the car out again.  If the clutch disc is sintered iron, it should be cut and trued or replaced to provide that flat mating surface and help you get the clutch dialed in quickly when you head back out.  

Paddle-style or organic disc models can also be relined with new friction materials for a fresh start. If you carry a spare backup clutch unit, don’t forget to look this over too!

If you need help, send the entire unit to us for rebuild and we will inspect it closely, then call you with the needed repairs or upgrades before we begin the work.  

RAM will never suggest upgrades or extra work unless needed or if we think it may help you improve the performance of your car.  Make sure to use the return form when sending anything to us to ensure we have all your pertinent vehicle and contact info.

Please pay attention to your current SFI date on each clutch component and confirm it’s not time for recertification, especially on multi-disc clutch systems.  It would suck to get to the track and have tech tell you that you cannot compete since your clutch is out of date!

Take this opportunity to inspect all of your driveline-related components as well.  Driveshafts, rear-end gears, u-joints, transmissions, and pilot bearings need regular maintenance to keep you consistent pass after pass.

The last piece of advice – send it in asap!  As mentioned, we get very busy with rebuilds in the off-season. The longer you wait, the more time it will take to receive your clutch.  Don’t be ‘the guy’ who calls me one week before the first race in March and says they need to rebuild their clutch!  We hate to disappoint anyone.