Why You Should Select an Engineered Clutch Package for Your Late Model Car

Jul 18, 2023 | Clutches

We’ve talked before about how we design and build clutch systems for today’s performance vehicles like Dodge Challenger, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette, and Camaro.  

It is critical to look at the existing clutch setup, then develop a package that makes the most sense to hold power, drive nicely, and offer a trouble-free installation.

Take, for instance, the Dodge Challenger and Hellcat

Chrysler has used a dual disc clutch from the factory in these cars since the car’s rebirth in 2008. The clutch is 9.5 inches in diameter, which does not provide much surface area for the discs to provide clamping load and does not dissipate heat well.  

Additionally, the flywheel is quite bulky.  After designing and building several styles of Force 10.5 and Pro Street units for the car, we settled on a Concept 10.5 modular dual disc that bolts up directly to the factory flywheel or can be used in conjunction with a RAM aluminum flywheel to free up some rotating weight.  

The resulting package provides more surface area to disperse heat better, offers more clamp load, and is fully compatible with the factory hydraulics (or one of our aftermarket hydraulic bearing kits).

Chevrolet moved to the dual disc clutch in 2014 for the Corvette and in 2016 for the Camaro.  Again, the resulting package was smaller in diameter and bulky overall.  

A RAM Concept 10.5 dual disc and accompanying aluminum flywheel for these vehicles provide the same increased surface area, higher clamp load, and compatibility with factory hydraulic systems as the Challenger units.  

Ford started using a dual disc model in 2018 for the Mustang GT model, and once again, we followed along with a package that improved the factory design. These systems give our customers a more enjoyable and driveable clutch package.

Another advantage for the Ford and Chevy customers is that the RAM aluminum flywheels we produce for these applications can handle a single disc clutch set. They’re ideal for situations where the vehicle may be stock and only require a quality replacement clutch unit.

If you are in the market for a clutch system for your late-model muscle car, you owe it to yourself to research the RAM clutch system offerings before deciding based on what your friends or the internet say.