How Our E-Tech Form Can Answer Your Questions Faster

Apr 29, 2021 | Tech Help

Getting Answers to Your Questions Using E-Tech

We receive a lot of feedback on our electronic tech support or E-Tech. It’s a way many customers get answers to questions or problems they’re having. If you’re someone who prefers to make a call, there are some specific reasons why using our E-Tech form helps you receive answers to your questions without waiting on the phone.

Provide Your Information All at Once

By using the E-Tech form, we can get you answers to your questions quicker. It allows us to gather all of the information we need and recommend a solution or help you troubleshoot your problem.  Often when a customer calls in, they need to go back and find important information. Utilizing our online form will eliminate multiple phone calls to determine what we need to help you the first time.

E-Tech Gives Us Time to Consider Your Questions

When you are having an issue, sometimes it requires us to think about what is going on.  We may need to physically check some part or dimension or research a combination that is out of the ordinary.  On the phone, this might mean giving you a quick and possibly incomplete answer. We may have to call you back (perhaps multiple times), or worse, think of something else we need to check after you’ve hung up.

Our Online Form is Available at All Hours

We often look at these E-Tech forms during off-hours or over the weekend.  If it is a question that we can answer without physically looking something up or measuring at the shop, you’ll usually receive an answer faster than waiting on a call during work hours.  And most likely, you’re working on your project over the weekend anyway!

You May Answer Your Own Question

Providing information to us about a problem forces you to think more about the issue you are experiencing.  Customers tell me that filling out the E-Tech form turned on a light bulb and helped them solve an issue before even sending it to us!

E-Tech Helps Us Manage Technical Support

We all wear many hats around RAM.  We thoroughly enjoy helping our customers with application questions and support, but doing so takes up a lot of our time.  Using E-Tech helps us better manage our day. It ensures orders are shipping quickly and efficiently, and rebuilds get handled in a reasonable timeframe. And we’ll have time to address other customer service issues throughout the day.

There are Many Ways to Get in Touch With Us

Maybe you or someone in your circle is not an ‘Internet person’ and still prefers the phone.  You can always request a call back once you have provided us with the basic info we need to help you with your situation! Many requests and issues can only be handled by phone, and rest assured this service is still available.  And you can always shoot a quick email to [email protected].

Now that you know all the different ways to get in touch with us, send us your questions so we can help you with your build!