7 Reasons a Dual Disc Clutch is a Better Choice for You

Jan 16, 2020 | Clutches

I get asked all of the time, why should I use a dual disc clutch? Or, why should I spend all that money on a dual disc clutch?


We work hard to make all of our clutch systems as user-friendly as possible. We have been driving, racing, and tuning performance cars ourselves for over 40 years and know first-hand that trying to drive a clutch that is too aggressive on the street is just not any fun.

Less Static Pressure Needed

When you use a dual disc clutch you are essentially doubling the holding power of the clutch system without adding any extra pedal effort. This allows you to have the extra performance and increased friction surface area without ending up with a left leg that is twice the size of your right from a stiff pedal!

Less Aggressive Friction Materials Needed

By using multiple discs, we can use organic friction material for most street-driven applications and maintain a very smooth engagement and good street manners. The same application with a single disc clutch would require a more aggressive friction material that is more likely to chatter on takeoff.

More Upgradeability

Typical customers do not do their entire build at one time. It may progress over a few years starting with a few bolt-ons, then eventually grow to include forced induction or nitrous. By starting with the dual disc when you are still at the lower power levels, your combination can continue to grow without the need to keep stepping up clutch levels every time you make an improvement.


When you price everything out, the difference between a single disc and dual disc is minimal, and taking into account the other plusses listed here to using a dual disc, it really starts to make more sense.

Better Clutch Life on the Street

Using a dual disc clutch lets you see an increased clutch life over single disc units due to the overall higher capacities that these clutches give you.

Better Clutch Life at the Track

By using a dual disc clutch with metallic friction, you will see increased clutch life at the racetrack also. Metallic friction materials stand up to the heat much better, and with the increased number of friction surfaces in the dual disc clutch, you will get better heat dissipation which equals increased life.

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