“Will You Sponsor My Race Car?”

Nov 2, 2021 | Racing

Like any good racer, you probably do your best to secure whatever levels of sponsorship you can for your racing operation. Maybe you partner with local establishments to help give them exposure at races and events. You could develop contingency deal programs with your sanctioning body. And perhaps you even have corporate-level sponsorships.

We often get asked if we will ‘sponsor’ a racer.  Most of the time, the person is seeking product in exchange for exposure for RAM on their car.  As a racer, you typically do not see many ‘full’ sponsorships given by product-specific manufacturers.  

Our take on this is fairly simple – we cannot play favorites.  In many classes where our clutches are popular, multiple racers are using the same product, and for us to ‘sponsor’ one of these racers and not the others is not fair, in our opinion. 

What we do offer to all RAM customers is a high level of support through technical assistance and advice wherever and whenever possible.  We have many years of experience at the track, so we can often answer questions that go well beyond the clutch system itself – including rear end and transmission gearing that go hand in hand with putting together a successful racing operation.  

When you look around today, not many companies have this experience to offer.

RAM supports several drag racing and circle track sanctions throughout the country and remains very active with almost all grassroots ‘stick shift’ groups and IMCA in the circle track market. We feel this is the best way we can give back to those who support RAM.

Some racers graciously decide to put a RAM decal on their race car.  

This is not something we ever require. 

If you see a RAM decal on a racer’s car, it was their choice to put it there, and you can be assured they are using RAM products.  

One of my pet peeves is companies with their logo or decal on race cars that do not or cannot even use their products.  Sometimes you see the companies promoting these relationships in a way that would falsely lead people to believe that that racer is actually using their product.  

Trust me. You will never see that happen with RAM.

Selecting a clutch company goes beyond the product itself.  Make sure you will get the support you need and deserve once you do purchase that part from the company of your choice, be it a clutch or any part for your street or race car.