Navigating RAM’s New End User Technical Support

Jul 1, 2020 | Tech Help

During the crazy period of Covid 19 ‘lockdown’, we have taken the time to revamp many of our internal procedures at RAM in order to faster and more efficiently support our RAM end users.  One of these is revising how we handle technical support questions and issues.

Clutches and hydraulics are some of the most technical products to recommend and troubleshoot.  There is a variety of information we need in order to either recommend a clutch system for a specific application, or to troubleshoot problems.  Having all of this information up front helps us to not only make the best recommendation for your specific application, but also to more easily and quickly help solve any problems or answer any questions that may come up.

To achieve this goal, all future end user technical support will be initiated from the website  By clicking on the ‘Get Technical Support’ button at the top of all the pages, you will be able to submit a support request that will provide us with all the necessary information to help you with your application.  This saves numerous phone calls back and forth just to get the initial information we need to best assist you.  Once this information is received, we will be able to quickly analyze the questions or issues, do any research that is necessary, and get back to you with good answers to your questions.  Additionally, you will have a hard copy of these answers that you can refer back to in the future.

Once you enter this technical support space, you will find many other useful documents.  All of our instruction sheets are available from this section, as well as many helpful videos that cover subjects such as ‘How to set up your RAM hydraulic release bearing’.  We also offer a large FAQ section, which may answer your questions without ever having to submit a support request.  We will continue to build on this section to help make it easier for you, our customer, to find the information you need to solve a problem, even on the weekends.

And speaking of weekends, we often check these support requests during off hours, as we are able.  So even though it may be Saturday when you are working on your project, you may be able to get the help you need without waiting until Monday.  More involved requests that require us to check or measure parts will be handled the first following work day.

Digital technical support is not going to solve all questions and situations, but by providing the initial information, we can then call you with additional questions or recommendations as needed, or if the questions or recommendations are just too detailed to be handled electronically.

We are excited about these changes and keeping RAM Clutches on the forefront of technology, not only with our products but also with our procedures to better serve you, our valued customers.