Why We Race

Jul 30, 2019 | Racing

Why does RAM Clutches race?  We could just build our clutches for street or street/strip based on the OEM design, add more aggressive friction material, and call it a day.  This is called ‘bottom-up’ design. But we do things a little differently. RAM chooses to manufacture specific units for a variety of classes from Pro Stock to Street Stock.  We then use ‘top-down’ design and apply what we learn in abusive racing conditions to build a much better product for the street or street/strip applications. The result of this is excellent performance while maintaining driveability, which means you get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle.

Working with our race teams provides us with valuable knowledge and feedback that helps our design team build a better product for you.  We are not just at the track putting stickers on cars for promotional purposes. We are there to learn! We constantly evaluate different types of unit weights, static pressures, friction materials, and release pressures to achieve the best performance for a given application and situation. The end result is we are able to offer products that perform well in your car.

What does this all mean for you? To provide the best possible product for your application, we need to have the most accurate info about your car in order to make a recommendation.  It is why, in previous articles, we have explained in detail how to evaluate your application based on the load the vehicle will experience. We’ve set up our E-Tech help tool to make asking questions and improving your system simple and easy.

Is your muscle car a track car or a cruiser? Will it be taken to the track once a month or just to see how it will run? Is on-track performance of the utmost importance to you or is low-end driveability? Will you make further upgrades on the build or are you buying a clutch for the completed project? These are questions to keep in mind when working with us. The answers will help provide the highest performance product for your needs.

Looking to get started? The RAM E-Tech tool is the best way to communicate. Once we know more about your situation, we can take your information and evaluate exactly what the expectations are for your application.

We want to understand your car and how you intend to use it so we can help. Whether you are restoring a Muscle Car with a crate engine and Tremec Transmission or turning your late model Camaro or Mustang into a beast at the racetrack, we’re here to build the best system for you.

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