Is the Dodge Challenger Market Slipping Through Your Fingertips?

Jun 29, 2022 | Clutches

If you are like me, your daily commute probably has you seeing multiple Gen 3 Dodge Challengers running up and down the road.  

These cars come in many configurations, from V6 to the basic V8 R/T up to high horsepower Hellcat and Demon versions. Go to any local car show or cars and coffee, and you will see tons of these cars lined up in the lot.

Amazingly, this platform utilizes the same basic dual disc clutch system from model years 2008-2021, with Hellcat and Demon models using a slightly larger 10-inch diameter clutch. 

Dodge was the first of the big three automakers to embrace dual disc technology platform-wide. Ford and GM used these clutches sparingly in specialty vehicles like the GT500 and ZR-1 Corvette. 

When I talk to customers in the field who own these cars, most have no idea it even has a dual-disc clutch!

With this many Challengers running around, it is undoubtedly a market for clutches that should have your attention. Additionally, many models are in the secondary and third market due to clutch changes and performance modifications as the cars become easier on the pocketbook for the younger crowd.

Fortunately, RAM saw this coming early. We have been busy developing Challenger clutch systems that address levels from basic replacement upgrade up to race only and three-disc models that address power levels beyond 1000 hp.

Our newest and most affordable systems feature our Concept 10.5 dual disc clutch in a package designed to work with the factory flywheel via a friction plate attached directly to the factory flywheel surface. This provides a flat and stable platform for the clutch system and makes it compatible with the factory hydraulic system without needing any slave spacers or shims. 

In addition, our optional billet aluminum flywheel is designed to work with this package and even accepts the factory clutch for those that insist on ‘keeping it stock.’

For those looking to step up their game in performance and power even further, Force 10.5 and Pro Street dual disc models are available, including the flywheel and using organic or metallic friction materials. 

You can even round out the package with our aftermarket hydraulic release bearing kit and get easy adjustability, setting up the bearing height for most clutch systems.

Check out the full RAM line of clutches and hydraulics for the Gen 3 Challengers, and get in the game on this lucrative market!