Common Mistakes made in Single Disc Clutch Set Selection

Oct 7, 2019 | Clutches

Avoid these pitfalls when making your single disc clutch set selection

Previously, we have discussed many of the factors to consider in selecting a clutch for your application. Now let’s take a look at some of the things NOT to do when selecting a single disc clutch set.

Not taking into account your expectations from the clutch system

When we spec out a clutch for your application, the most important thing is to understand your expectations. Are looking for smooth engagement? Is holding power at the track the most important thing for you? What about balance? We always ask these questions when customers inquire about the clutch selection. Understanding your expectations and what you hope for the clutch to do helps us determine the right build for your vehicle.

Ignoring load factors

If you haven’t reviewed our previous blog about load – this is a good time to do so.  Don’t fall into the trap of picking a clutch system solely based on the ‘rating’ of the unit.

Assuming that the clutch rating is etched in stone

This goes back to the load factors (as you can tell, this is important).  We have seen plenty of situations in which a customer selects a clutch rated for up to 650 horsepower and it slips at 500. We also see the opposite happen. A customer is using a clutch with a rating far below the power level. Be sure to take into account the load factors, use, and driving style in your selection.

Reading the wrong information online

There is good information on the Internet and you can learn a lot about clutches and your system. But beware of “keyboard jockeys” who post and may not have any experience with a particular clutch (but they do have a lot of opinions). Do your research on who’s writing the content you’re reading and make sure they have knowledge and experience with the product you are interested in.

Picking a clutch because ‘that is what my buddy uses’

Similar to reading online, don’t be deceived by information that may not apply to you. You may think your cars are the same, but when reviewing the load factors you will see that there are differences that need to be taken into account before making your final selection (tires, shift RPMs, gearing, etc).

Buying a cheaper unit because it’s ‘all you can afford right now’

If this is the case, you need to carefully consider if it is worth waiting a little while until you can purchase what you really need!

Under buying when you know future mods are coming

Think about your long term plan for your vehicle. A future mod that will be beyond what your system can handle is something to consider. Better to step up now and make sure you are covered into the foreseeable future.

What are the mistakes that you have made in the past?  We would love to hear from you. Check out our blog and our YouTube channel for more information on clutches and the work we do.