Pro Street Dual

As with all RAM street dual disc systems, street driveability is foremost in design. Pro Street systems utilize a strap driven floater plate for quiet operation. Initial application listings are shown below, with complete coverage rolling out throughout the spring. Pro Street Dual Applications.


A dual disc clutch is not just for high horsepower applications.  The beauty of a dual disc is that you get great holding power with a smooth engagement and lower pedal effort.  This can benefit everyone from the 500 horsepower daily driver to the twin turbo 1200 horsepower street/strip monster!

Additionally, starting with a RAM dual disc clutch will keep you from doing continuous clutch upgrades as you add modifications to your vehicle. Learn more about RAM dual disc systems and why this option might be the best fit for you.


For the ultimate in single disc clutch sets, Powergrip clutches provide increased clamp loads and holding power without significant changes in driveability.  Powergrip sets utilize dual sided 900/300 series facing materials for a blend of driveability and holding power up to 550 ft/lbs.  For applications up to 650 ft/lbs, Powergrip HD adds a full 900 series disc that should only be used on a billet steel or aluminum flywheel.

You may experience some chatter at low RPM with Powergrip HD clutches in vehicles with higher (lower numerically) rear gearing.  For best performance and safety, match up your Powergrip set with a RAM billet steel or aluminum flywheel.


There is a difference in aftermarket flywheels!  RAM billet flywheels are produced completely in house using computer controlled equipment to provide you with a flywheel that is properly machined within .001 tolerances, surface ground to allow the best mating friction surface for the disc to seat against and guard against runout, and precision balanced on a computer controlled balancer to within ½ oz/in of the factory balance specification.  In other words, a RAM billet flywheel is ready to run right out of the box.  Be sure you are getting these features on the flywheel you select!


Factory hydraulic systems lack in travel and adjustability. RAM hydraulic bearings give you the flexibility to use different height clutches in factory applications and achieve adequate travel to work with either stock or aftermarket clutch systems. Plus you get additional travel to make high rpm shifts easier.

Complete kits include all the fittings and lines necessary to adapt to the factory master cylinder; universal kits work with your aftermarket ¾ inch bore master cylinder.  And with the addition of a RAM pedal adjuster assembly, now you can control the engagement point of the clutch from high up all the way down to the floor.