RAM Hydraulic Pedal Height Adjuster

If you have driven many late model performance cars that utilize the internal hydraulic release bearing, you probably noticed that the pedal engagement point tends to be very high up in the stroke.  We found this to be annoying and thus came up with our pedal height adjustment system that lets you put the release point where you want it in the pedal stroke.

The RAM pedal height adjuster plumbs inline between your factory or aftermarket master cylinder and release bearing.  By adjusting the screw on the top of the cylinder, fluid is initially diverted to the adjuster cylinder, and once the cylinder fills the remaining fluid travels directly to the hydraulic bearing to actuate the clutch.  This in effect adds 'freeplay' to the pedal and moves the engagement point downward towards the floor.  The adjuster is compatible with any factory or aftermarket release bearing/master cylinder combination with the proper adapters.  


The system ships with a -3an tee fitting and 12 inch -3an braided line.  Additional adapters are listed below.


Part No. Description
78300 Pedal height adjuster assembly with adjuster line
78305 Pedal height adjuster assembly with adapters, feed line, and adjuster line
78350 Feed line kit with adapters, C6 Corvette, 10-up Camaro, 05-up Mustang
78337 Adapter fitting -3AN male to -4AN male (C5 Corvette, 98-02 Camaro/Firebird)
78339 -4AN reusable hose end fitting (C5 Corvette, 98-02 Camaro/Firebird)
78310 Adapter fitting factory master to -3AN male, GM, Ford 05-up



Video Link- How the RAM Hydraulic Pedal Adjustment System Works

Instruction sheet for RAM hydraulic pedal height adjuster